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Hi, I’m Steve Doig, a website engineer.

Doig Website Technology is my trading name.

I build and manage website optimizations for a living. I do so because having a website that works well can be a powerful avenue for sales, and leads, and that means businesses are more successful than before, and that makes me happy.

I have 15 years experience in I.T. technical support, providing level 1, 2 & 3 support across a range of technical environments. I’ve been the help desk, the desktop support engineer, and the server engineer. You can trust me to fix any technical problem your website faces, or get the right support your website needs. If I can’t fix the problem with 3rd party software on your website, I work with the 3rd party so they can fix their software for us.

I’m relentless in protecting my client websites from being hacked or going offline. I employ best of breed WordPress security software, and I maintain the latest WordPress core, plugin, and theme software on my client websites. I also keep daily & weekly backups to restore from, in case the worst does happen. I work hard for my clients, because my clients trust me to build and maintain their website.

Does your stomach drop when your website goes offline, or, worse, you see that nasty message “hacked by anonymous”?

I have often had new clients come to me in a panic because their website has been hacked. The hack occurred because their web designer did not set up the website with the right security measures, and the site was not professionally maintained.

If your website is not maintained by a web professional with a background in technical support, it could take weeks for the site to be restored. This is far longer than necessary, and means lost income for your business.


Our latest client, Barbagello Raceway, moved from a custom built solution developed by an offshore programmer, which had some shortcomings, to a WordPress/WooCommerce solution, fully supported by the software vendors, and with some powerful benefits:

  • Allowing raceway members to pay for their membership through the Barbagello Raceway website, using either a Paypal account, a credit card through the Paypal website, or a credit card on the Barbagello Raceway website (if they are not familiar with Paypal).
  • Allow the Barbagello Raceway staff to export all membership information collected in the website into an Excel sheet to be saved onto their local PC.
  • Collect email newsletter subscribers on the website, which are automatically imported into the newsletter software database.

If you would like to discuss what your business needs in a website feel free to contact me.

contact me.

Things to consider:

  • Website technologies I currently work with: WordPress, Magento & Joomla (all able to deliver e-commerce).

Do you have an issue with your current website?